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What About the Stuff?

Cleaning out the house can be one of the most daunting tasks in selling a home.

If you’re selling the family home that’s packed with memories and memorabilia, the process can be extremely emotional.

I work slowly and compassionately with families facing this challenge. Over the years, I have developed techniques and systems to make this process a bit easier.

Often, there are family members that no longer live near the home, but need to be included in decision-making. My systems guarantee that they are included in these projects and that their voices and requests are heard.

Many homes are packed with collections, childhood treasures, unique décor and furniture. I help folks decide what to keep and what to let go. With the “let go” items, I help determine what should be sold through special channels (higher value items), what should be sold through garage or estate sales, what could be donated to worthwhile organizations, and what could be discarded.

I work with industry experts to determine values and sales channels for higher value items. I help my customers strategize garage or yard sales, including staffing and marketing. In some instances, the best solution is an estate sale, and I can represent the home owners to estate sale or auction companies. In addition, I recommend solutions and providers for dealing with items to be discarded, whether it be hiring a truck for haul-away, or a renting a quick dumpster for the driveway.

All of these services are provided to my real estate customers at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Many of my real estate associates think I’m crazy to undertake all of this, and they may be right.  However, it makes me so happy to be able to help my customers through these stressful times. We will laugh, we might cry a little, but together we will get this project done and transition to our next adventure!

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