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Holiday Home Sales


Should you list your home at Christmas?  Yes!  Here are 8 reasons why…

I recently listed and sold a home for a couple moving out of state.  Christmas was only 10 days away but the home sold immediately.   We’ve always heard that “The Holidays” are a bad time to list a home, but I disagree, and here’s why:

1. Motivated Buyers: If someone is house shopping 10 days before Christmas, they are probably being motivated by some serious, special circumstances. It could be year-end taxes, it could be work relocation, who knows? But it’s serious.

2. Inventory: Because so many people follow the “no holiday listing” adage, there are fewer homes on the market for those serious buyers to choose from.

3. Decorations: Admit it – your house looks GREAT for the holidays! It’s fun and cheery and lets you break a lot of staging rules. Do it up, holiday listers!

4. Time Off: Folks have more time off during the holiday season, which gives them more time to house hunt for those elusive holiday listings.

5. Warm Fuzzies: Holidays are traditionally a kinder, gentler time of year. This can make negotiations, particularly on pricing, a more pleasant experience.

6. Beat the Rush: Watch the inventory increase dramatically in January with all those folks who didn’t want to list at Christmas. Too late. You took their buyer on December 28.

7. Relocation: January is a big, big month for corporate relocation. Many companies want their relocated employees ready to roll right after the first of the year. They’re going to be shopping BEFORE they get to town. Get ‘em!

8. Is that Santa? No, it’s just another showing.  Remember – you’re the seller!  You always have the option to restrict showings to accommodate your personal schedules and traditions.

There you have it. Listing a home for sale over the Holidays actually makes a lot of sense. Give me a call to make it work for you!

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