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Shockingly Bad Real Estate Photos

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

In my internet travels, I run across real estate photos that make me scratch my head. They're terrifying and mysterious and entertaining, all rolled up in one neat picture, each begging to ask "Just what are we selling here?" "Why THAT shot?" And of course,"What in tarnation was that Realtor thinking?!?"

Have you heard? Wallpaper is trending again!

Shhh...You'll wake the baby.

Thanks for the picture of the....ummm....

"Attached sun porch and outdoor living space."

Thanks for sharing.

We call this decorating style "whimsical".

"No, I DON'T have 5 seconds to move that, Karen. I'm a Realtor, not a magician."

He was the master of his craft.

People will touch right here. A lot.

"Entertainer's Dream"

Soup is good food.

"Luxurious carpeting throughout home."

"Showings begin immediately after removal of crime tape."

"We don't want to stifle her creativity."

Sing it with me: "Heyyyy, good lookin'....

Just in case you don't know how to use a wet bar...

Forget the house - where's the cake?!?

Gotta love the FSBO's. "Hey folks - here's my address - come steal my muscle cars!"

Shot moments before the scented candles demanded overtime pay.

"Pets in the house? Just a couple of birds...why?"

You Light Up My Life

Welcome to our...ummm....

You were so close...

I just....why?

Free snacks with home purchase.

It's perfect. Don't change a thing.

Literally the only picture of this room.

It's an's a's...WHAT IS THAT?

"Pest problem? Nah. The bug spray is just for decoration. See how it ties in the colors of the floor lamp?"

Free toiletry storage system with full asking price.

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